BAFTA Rocliffe New Comedy Showcase - Submissions 2015


The British Academy of Film & Television Arts and Rocliffe are on the hunt for fresh comedy writing talent. This competition is open to all writers with a UK Passport or that have been resident in the UK for a minimum of five years, full criteria can be found below.

The prize is for three scripts showcased at the New York Television Festival (NYTVF). The chosen writers will be supported by BAFTA for the next year, introduced to key industry players and, where appropriate, introduced to writing agents. We will also host a development day introducing writers to contemporaries within the industry. All shortlisted writers will go on to be involved in a wide range of development opportunities including mini-forum workshops and events.  In addition the top three writers will receive passes to NYTVF so they can benefit from the networking and pitching opportunities available at the Festival.

Up to 25 longlisted writers will be given the opportunity to rewrite their work, over one week, based on industry feedback before the scripts are sent to the Jury in and around the 29 June. 


1.1.       APPLICATION FORM: Fill in an online application form to generate your application number.

1.2.       APPLICATION NUMBER: a ten digit application number is emailed to the address listed. If you donÕt receive an email within 60 mins, please email   

1.3.       PAY ONLINE: Using the dropdown menu for the required entry fee and enter your submission - or Send a CHEQUE to Rocliffe Ltd.

1.4.       SEND: By the appropriate deadline postal / hand delivered entry by 17.00 or electronic entry by 22:00 on final date.

1.5.       Entries are accepted from 30 March 2015. ALL entries are considered by an industry panel.

1.6.       Early Bird Deadline for submissions – 25 April 2015

1.7.       Final Deadline for submissions – 23 May 2015



2.1.       The extract must be for TV comedy sitcom or comedy sketches. We are not accepting feature or short films, or TV drama.

2.2.       Entries must be the original work of the entrant, and must not infringe the rights of any other party. BAFTA and Rocliffe accept no liability if entrants ignore these rules and entrants agree to fully indemnify BAFTA and Rocliffe against any claims by third parties arising from breach of these rules.

2.3.       The top 25 long-listed writers will be given one week no earlier than 29 June and no later than 6 July to re-draft their work based on feedback.

2.4.       You must be available: to attend a development day in London (date to be announced) and to travel to New York between 19 and 25 Oct 2015.

2.5.       Entrants can enter individually or as part of a writing team, however only one writer will have their travel and accommodation covered – this should be the lead writer. This allows us to support and feature more than one writing team. ALL writers who are UK residents or carry a UK Passport will be acknowledged in event billing.

2.6.       Entries received that do not contain all materials outlined (see YOUR ENTRY) and payment, will not be considered.

2.7.       Entering scripts for consideration for the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum constitutes permission to use the selected writersÕ names, script title, short synopsis and email addresses for publicity and handouts without additional permission being sought.

2.8.       BAFTA and Rocliffe reserve the right to cancel the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum and propose a new date or to amend these terms and conditions. If this is deemed necessary, a notice will be posted on: and

2.9.       BAFTA and Rocliffe reserve the right to reject any entry for any reason at their absolute discretion. BAFTA and RocliffeÕs decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


3.1.       You must be 18 or over on 30th March 2015.

3.2.       You must hold a UK passport or be able to prove you have resided in the UK for up to five years prior to the final closing date.

3.3.       You must not have had a full network commission for a comedy show (for any broadcaster) but may have broadcast credits. We do not consider individual sketches or contributing scenes for existing shows to comprise a full network commission. We will consider submissions from writers who have had a commission that never has never been broadcast. The extract must be for TV comedy sitcom or comedy sketches. We are not accepting feature or short films, or TV drama.

3.4.       All entries will be considered by an industry BAFTA Comedy Jury and are automatically considered for NYTVF.

3.5.       You must not be a BAFTA or Rocliffe employee.

3.6.       Proof of age, identity, residency and eligibility may be requested. BAFTA and RocliffeÕs decision as to the eligibility of individual entrants will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

3.7.       You must not have any issue that would prevent you obtaining a visa and/or appropriate passport to enter the USA. Obtaining a US visa will be the participantsÕ responsibility, not the responsibility of BAFTA or Rocliffe and is a requirement of participation.


4.     YOUR ENTRY – SUBMISSION MATERIALS (Tip links below)

4.1.       Entry form generated via the Application Form

4.2.       Proof of payment such as like PayPal

4.3.       Short synopsis – 25 words

4.4.       Treatment or outline of the series or show (300 words max). With Sketch shows try and outline how the show will evolve over a series – recurring characters etc.

4.5.       Character breakdown of featured characters (50 words per character)

4.6.       3 to 6 storylines/episode guides guides  (50 words per episode, minimum 3 episodes)

4.7.       Introduction to extract that sets the scene (100 words)

4.8.       Consecutive scenes within a 10 page extract of the script except when submitting a sketch show. The extract must end at 10 pages, subsequent pages will not be considered. They must be typed and formatted to industry standards. Font size no smaller than 12. Script pages should be numbered 1-10. Do not send full scripts. Script extracts should be typed and follow standard script format. For information on formats, we recommend you look at BBC Writersroom.

4.9.       No personal details should appear on materials. Please put your application number (see 1.1 and 1.2) on your support material which should be no more than 3 pages and arranged in the following order: Logline, Treatment, Episode Guides, Character Breakdown, Introduction, Script. Please name your file(s): Your Unique Reference Number – your Script Title – Script Title/Support docs.pdf.

4.10.    Please do not include artwork or casting suggestions.


5.1.       Forward these with your email entry form, and attach your submission materials. Send as a single email to  (all documents as pdfs) by 22:00 of the deadline (early bird or final). Script and Support material ordered as per YOUR ENTRY may be combined into a single document or two documents containing support material and the script extract attached separately. Name your documents with your Application Number and support materials or script.


6.1.       Post-marked the day prior to the deadline (early bird or final) or hand-delivered by 5pm on the day of the deadline, marked for the attention of Julia Carruthers, BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum, BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LN. Entries will not be returned so please keep a copy for yourself.

6.2.       BAFTA and Rocliffe do not accept responsibility for problems with the postal service, which may result in any entry being lost or delayed. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.

6.3.       Print the first page of the application form with the support material and script on white paper, double-sided scripts accepted. Please do not bind, staple, paperclip or bulldog your submission.

6.4.       Entries will not be returned so please retain to keep a copy.

6.5.       Each script extract entered must include a non-refundable fee. Payments must be made in UK Sterling by cheque made out to Rocliffe Ltd from a UK Bank, or via PayPal on the PayPal reference can be added manually to your entry form.


7.1.       Early Bird fee is £32 for hard copies (posted or hand delivered).

7.2.       Final Entry fee is £42 for hard copies (posted or hand delivered).

7.3.       Email entries cost an additional £10 to the above fee.

7.4.       We charge one submission fee per script. There is no maximum submission per writer, however each submission will incur an entry fee.

7.5.       Script reports will be emailed to writers up to or before 30 September 2015

7.6.       All entrants will receive email confirmation of receipt of email seven days after each entry deadline and will receive email notification of the status of their submissions after each stage. If you do not receive an email please contact  


The script selection panel are not told the name, gender or experience of the writer. The voice is judged on the following criteria:

8.1.       The originality and strength of the idea

8.2.       The accomplishment and quality of the writing of the sample script extract

8.3.       The strength of voice and comedy potential in the writer

All scripts go through the following process:

8.4.       Stage One: Scripts are distributed to script readers. Each entry will receive a Rocliffe one-page feedback report on the script and submission materials. The readers will assess the sample scripts against the criteria outlined and select scripts they deem to have potential.

8.5.       Stage Two: SELECTING THE LONG-LIST An industry panel reads the potential scripts and selects a long list of up to 25 to be distributed to the jury. The longlisted writers will be informed and will have one week to redraft their extract based on the feedback supplied. It must be the same extract.

8.6.       Stage Three: SELECTING THE SHORT-LIST The Jury are paired up and assigned to read the re-drafted scripts. Each pair will nominate one to two scripts for further consideration.

8.7.       Stage Four: SELECTING THE WINNING PROJECTS The entire Jury review a short-list of up to 12 entrants and select the final three by vote.

8.8.       All writers are informed at every stage and an announcement of the winners will be announced.

8.9.     The JuryÕs decision is absolute. We do not inform writers which stage they got to in the selection process.


Entrants permit BAFTA and Rocliffe to edit featured entries for the purposes of use at the BAFTA Rocliffe New Comedy Showcase, but always in consultation with the writer. Entrants retain the copyright in any script or pitch idea developed by the entrant as a result of being selected. All entries must be written primarily in English with translation provided for any foreign language sections. The copyright of scripts sent to us remains with the writer. Similarities will occur and we are often surprised by similar ideas, concepts and themes in a call. We will not pass the work of any writer to parties outside of the judging process without first contacting the writer. We do not retain copies of scripts that have been unsuccessful. We appreciate that many entrants direct or perform, however if selected, writers will not perform or direct their own pieces. Submission of a script confirms the entrant's acceptance of the terms and conditions which are governed by the laws of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.