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  • Apr-2015: Great night at BAFTA Rocliffe with our wonderful writers and industry guests Jane Featherstone and Dennis Kelly. Rocliffe and BAFTA announced the FORUM LIST. A list of unproduced TV Drama Scripts that received more than four recommendations from our specialist industry panel. A spotlight on new writing talent.
  • Feb-2015: We have two inspirational blogs this February: The second in our Screenwriter's passage series and a blog on finishing a script.BE INSPIRED
  • Feb-2015: Congratulations to BAFTARocliffe Alumni Tom Phipps and Peter Bowden on their Assanage series.BE INSPIRED
  • Jan-2015: THE ROCLIFFE NOTES IS AN AMAZON BEST SELLER! Get your copy of the MUST-HAVE screenwriting book. It's the secret for writers. BUY IT NOW