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  • 19-Jan-2015: Calling all budding TV Writers - Submissions now open Winning can open doors to a career. ENTER NOW
  • Jan-2015: We have two inspirational blogs this month: One is a first hand account of how a frustrated, young, angry writer found his voice and fortunately is now less angry and the other about how to write a screenplay! BE INSPIRED
  • Jan-2015: THE ROCLIFFE NOTES IS AN AMAZON BEST SELLER! Get your copy of the MUST-HAVE screenwriting book. It's the secret for writers. BUY IT NOW
  • 24-Oct-2014: Congratulations to writer Nicole Paglia and Daniel Brierley - on winning two development deals at the New York TV Festival
  • 10-Oct-2014: Congratulations to writer Alison Downs - who is being taken to MIP Junior in Cannes courtesy of the London Book Fair with her winning project DAI THE VOICE.
  • 06-Oct-2014: Congratulations to writer Melissa Iqbal - one of our shortlisted writers on winning the Academy Nicholl Fellowship Award for her script The Death Engine.