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Previous Years / Finalist and Forum List Writers.

The BAFTA Rocliffe Forum List spotlights the projects from our script calls which have received a minimum of four recommendations from our panels and juries of industry executives.

The Forum List gives agents, producers, industry executives and directors an opportunity to discover new writing talent. To contact any of the writers listed below, simply email us with your details and we will connect you.

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Forum List 2016

TV Drama 2016

Exiles by Andreas Hadjivassiliou (Finalist)
Rather than imprisonment criminals are tattooed and exiled from overpopulated cities, fending for themselves in the wilderness.

Rasheed/Rasheeda by Wally Jiagoo (Finalist)
With her father in a coma, a transgender Muslim woman returns to Bradford to run his business while concealing her true identity from her family.

We Are Your Children by Ryan J. Brown (Finalist)
Inspired by true events. A female detective, a gay activist and a Drag Queen unite to stop a serial killer in 1970s San Francisco.

Charlot by Ian Masters
Indo China, 1936: on vacation in the East after 'Modern Times', Charlie Chaplin finally finds his voice when his tentative new project, 'Colonial Subjects', fuels anti-colonial protests - led by his number one Cambodian fan.

EDEN 6 by Simon Davies
An astronaut plagued by nightmarish visions and a scientist fleeing his past compete in a race against time that could save or doom our species.

TV Drama 2015
The Black Terror by Ed Wiles (Finalist)

Interpreters by Elizabeth Cooper (Finalist)

The Moment by Joanne Lau (Finalist)

Jordan by Daniel Dowling & Bryan Delaney

Vantage by George Kellock

After Life by Katie Boyles & Steven Lally

Hauntings of the Sea by Nicholas Gibbs

Comedy 2015
Winners by Henry Dalton & Paul Cope (Finalist)

Flatlined by Samuel Jefferson (Finalist)

Printheads by Tom Moran (Finalist)

Daves by Dan Henry

Fairies by Doug Crossley

Sam Storm: Park Ranger by Jonathan Gilchrist & Danny Carter

Writing For Children 2015
Hex Tecs by Amanda Webster (Finalist)

The GranDad Project by Mariana Serapicos (Finalist)

The Trouble With Martha by Olga Rozanova (Finalist)

Circus Cousins by Andrea Solomons

Astral Weekend by Celia Moodie

Blitz Kids by Jack Green & Alexander Stewart

Oscar And His Spectacular Spectacles by Mat Rawlins

Weird And Wonderful by Naqqash Khalid

End of Line by Paul Hunt

Film 2015
The Haul by Anthony Khaseria (Finalist)

Mules by Georgia Lester (Finalist)

Talk To The Animals by Mark Eccleston (Finalist)

The Savages by Diane Taylor-Karrer

Deceit by Marko Fuchs

TV Drama 2014
The Spare Room by Louis Paxton

Black Dog by Paul Waters

Only The Stars Are Dancing by Vivienne Allen

Comedy 2014
Nice To See you by Karen Reed (GEITF Finalist)

The Maesllwch by Tommy Rowson and Nick Beasley (GEITF Finalist)

Gilding The Lily by John Sheerman (NYTVF Finalist)

American Nails by Nicole Paglia and Daniel Brierley (NYTVF Finalist)

Out of Time by Izzy Mant and Neil Warhurst (NYTVF Finalist)

Writing For Children 2014
Dai The Voice by Alison Down

After Oil by Amanda Duke

The Things by John Hickman

Film 2014
The Water's Deep by Caroline Carver

The Point Of You by Kitty Percy

Annie's Got Body Issues by Nat Luurtsema

TV Drama 2013
Reuben The Hood by Aisling Corristine

Crows Feet by Natalie Malla

Inconceivable by Romilly Masters

Comedy 2013
Binwomen by Christina Brockbank (GEITF Finalist)

The Sickness by Andrea Hubert & Ryan Cull (GEITF Finalist)

Nannies by Brona C. Titley & Tony Cooke (NYTVF Finalist)

New Habits by Lizzie Bates & Anna Emerson (NYTVF Finalist)

Skwibs by Stewart Thomson (NYTVF Finalist)

Film 2013
Submerged by Dan Hall

To Hell And Back by Paul Marx

Limehouse by Stuart Black

Comedy 2012
The Slush Pile by Sarah Courtauld (NYTVF Finalist)

Happy As Larry by Nicolas Small (NYTVF Finalist)

Grey by Kayleigh Llewellyn and Matthew Barry (NYTVF Finalist)

Film 2012
Heated Curlers by Clare Hemphill

Glazvorov by Stephen Potts

Shafted by Toby Cohen

Comedy 2011
Pregnant Pause by Anne-Marie Draycott & Charity Trimm (NYTVF Finalist)

My American Dream by Greg De Roeck (NYTVF Finalist)

Mayflower Investigations by Thomas Phipps & Peter Bowden (NYTVF Finalist)

TV Drama 2011
Amazing Grace by Kevin Pacey

The Damage by Elizabeth Isaacs

The Wake by Natalie Cheary

Film 2011
Masterbaker by Mandy Lee

Contorted Hazel by Marc De Launay

Sixteen by Rob Brown